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Tips for Finding Work as a Freelance Marketer

Freelancing has never been quite as popular as it is today. Thanks to the internet, various people can work in a huge range of different jobs and be their own boss, work from the comfort of their own home, and earn as much money as they’re physically able to. One of the main industries where […]

Promotional Tactics to Attract New Customers to Your Website

Your website is not going to attract traffic on its own without a little push from SEO. There are numerous marketing strategies you can employ to find new customers online. Here are some of these tactics that might work for your web-based business as well: Hover Ads If you are not over 40, you will […]

How outsourcing can save you time and money

Establishing and running a small online business is a costly and time-consuming exercise. With all the different aspects of keeping it afloat and making sales to consider, it is important to embrace outsourcing to relieve the pressure and financial strain that trying to do everything yourself, or the expense of employing people full time, can […]

Apple Launches iOS 6.1

Apple released a major update to its operating system iOS 6. This update comes with numerous bug fixes and new features. This (iOS 6.1) is the first release after a series of five beta test updates. This update includes 4G LTE support for 36 additional iPhone carriers and 23 more carriers when it comes to […]

Free Apps for Physical Fitness and Gym

We are offering free app creation services (only Android Apps) for businesses in the physical fitness niche. It is now time to pump up your digital and mobile marketing with a gym/physical fitness app. With several smartphone providers and with four major app stores (in different platforms), creating an app for every OS can be […]

Mobile Advertising

Reach the target audience With increasing access to mobile internet all around the world, promoting your business in the mobile platform has become an important cog in the marketing wheel of any business. We will help you to penetrate the mobile market by creating and handling the mobile marketing campaigns across different platforms and devices. […]