Drugs.com Lauches iOS and Android Apps

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8 March 2013
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In a major development  the leading online drug resource Drugs.com launched a mobile app. This app will improve patient engagement in their own medication management. The app is named as “Drugs.com Medication Guide” app and it is now available for download in both iOS and Android app markets and it is available as a free download.

This app helps patients and caregivers by providing instant access to their most recent personal medication records. In addition to that it gives access to the saved drug interactions lists. The app also updates the user with latest happening in the medical industry and breaking FDA and health news based on the users preferences. Another major attraction of this app is great amount of trusted and unbiased sources of medical information to aid in making educated health decisions. tailored to their needs.

This is what Philip Thornton, CEO of Drugs.com said about the app launch

“As the U.S. healthcare system moves through the upcoming stages of meaningful use, patients will be empowered to utilize mobile health apps to manage their medications and maintain wellness ”. “The latest Drugs.com Medication Guide app is a practical tool to shorten this learning curve for both patients and caregivers alike. Medication management, safety and adherence will simply become easier.”

The Drugs.com app also provides users with access to the Complete Drugs A to Z Index, this has over 24,000 prescription and OTC medications. There is a Mednotes option where both the user and the caregiver can view and update drug and dose information. There is another option named Symptom Checker, this feature is provided by Harvard Health Publications. This feature guides a patient through a series of questions and thereby helping them to identify medical symptoms and make a more informed decision on how to proceed towards diagnosis and treatment. The Complete A to Z Drug Index will provide a fast and accurate search on over 24,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications.

There is also a Pill Identifier wizard which helps people to identify pills, it helps people to identify the right pills even when they don’t know the spelling (with the help of phonetic search).

Overall the Drugs.com app is of top notch quality and the best part is, it is available at no cost to users in the Apple and Google Play app stores. Now life saving medication information is truly at your finger tips. You can download the app from android market or from iTunes

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