Tips for Creating a Secure Mobile App

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16 February 2013
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With lot of ready-made app builders available in the market for certain platforms, it is now easy to build mobile applications. However in addition to design, features and speed of the app a developer should focus on coding an app that is secure. Especially for those apps that store confidential information or user data. Such apps should be immune to hacking and data leaks.

Though there are no apps that can claim to be 100% secure, any aspiring developer should address every known security issue while coding the app. Some of the easy ways to add security to an app are.

mobile app security1. Don’t rely on device security:
Unlike computers and laptops the memory of mobile devices will hold information much longer, making them more susceptible to attacks. Old deleted information can be recovered even after a long time in mobile devices. This factor should be taken in to account while creating an app with better security.

2. Get minimum possible permissions from the OS:
No matter what OS the app is developed for it is not good to have blanket permissions. That might lead to the app behaving in an unexpected way and affect areas of the device that is not related to the app at all. Always be conservative in getting permissions from the OS. It will also be easier to test apps with limited amount of permissions from the device OS.

3. Using a secured connection (SSL certified):

Using the HTTPS (Secure Sockets Layer encryption) instead of the regular http is one of the ways to increase the security of an app. During the early days of internet https was used only when it is extremely necessary, because of poor internet speeds. Now the internet speeds are higher and hence using https instead of http will not have a noticeable impact on the app performance. So no matter what the app is made for, it is better to use https instead of http.

4. Giving logging handler a centralized design:

It is easy to increase the security by logging off the application layer; if not then identifying the problems will be difficult in cases like sql injection attacks and so on. The easiest way to overcome this problem is through designing a centralized logging handler for the apps.

Let us make secure apps.

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