6 Ways to Improve Online Experience for Your Customers

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7 June 2016
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If large parts of your business depend on the web, then obviously you need to invest in making the online user experience for customers as optimal as possible. Most online businesses focus on improving site to be more receptive to SEO tactics and overlook customers altogether. If you run a business website, remember your priorities: the customer comes first. Your site should be optimised for customers to browse and make purchases first and foremost. So, here are several ways that you can improve your e-commerce site to give your customers the best user experience:

1.     Have an Inquiry Form

First of all, your website should have an inquiry form for customers to get in touch with you. Even if you offer customer support by phone, it’s important to include email and web support as well. Inquiry forms are highly useful to get feedback from customers who wish to remain anonymous, or don’t care enough to call or email you feedback.

2.     Make Your Website Mobile Compatible

In 2014, the number of users who browsed the web on mobile surpassed the web users on computers. This is a landmark shift on how the public consumes. For businesses, it means that the company will be invisible to many segments of the target audience without visibility on mobile platforms. If you haven’t already done so, there’s all the more reason to invest in app developers to make your web content easily accessible for customers using Androids and iPhones. Not only that, you can uniquely advertise to customers directly on mobile platforms unlike on personal computers.

3.     Design a Fast Loading Website

Obviously, your website will need to load fast. This isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If your site doesn’t load under two seconds, your customers will go elsewhere to a site that does. Modern consumers are used to getting things the moment they want it. They have little patience for anything else. Therefore, make sure your site doesn’t keep your customers waiting. Think of it as a reception desk at your business. Do you want long lines there? Of course not.

4.     Include CTAs above Scroll Line

Call to action buttons promote users to click on, download or buy something in a highly attention-grabbing manner. Your site may already have CTAs like “download this” or “sign-up for free.” If you do, all these buttons should be visible to a customer the moment he or she lands on your page. Therefore, include all CTA buttons above the scroll line. Do not count on customers scrolling down to click on these buttons.

5.     Offer Free Samples and Occasional Discounts

If your customers are constantly engaged, their browsing experience on your site will be highly satisfactory. Therefore, there are number of measures you can take to engage your customers. One of the best ways to do this is to offer items for free. You can offer a free sample of your product for downloading or viewing or free ebook. Additionally, you can certainly keep them coming if you occasionally hold discount sales directly from your site.

6.      Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

When your customers provide you with feedback, do not discard it. Read what the customers have to say and, if you are making a mistake, take action immediately to fix it.

If you follow the advice above, the customers that visit your site will have the best experience they can get.

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