Promotional Tactics to Attract New Customers to Your Website

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7 June 2016
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Your website is not going to attract traffic on its own without a little push from SEO. There are numerous marketing strategies you can employ to find new customers online. Here are some of these tactics that might work for your web-based business as well:

Hover Ads

If you are not over 40, you will probably be intimately familiar with pop-up ads, the mosquitoes of the internet in the past. Thankfully, they are now all automatically blocked by browsers. Even if pop-ups incensed many web users, they are beloved by advertisers because they were highly effective. Salespeople are no longer able to use pop-ups, but there’s a different kind of tool that can be used to the same effect: hover ads. These advertisements “hover” over a website so users can see them even if they are engaged in a different activity on the site, such as scrolling down or clicking on a link. Hover ads do not go unnoticed by customers, therefore, they are perfect for grabbing the attention of a potential buyer.

Local Listings

If your business website is not showing up on local listings, then you are losing out on many ends. First, local customers are the ones who are most likely to purchase from you. For example, if you are an online business based in the UAE, then Emiratis are the ones you should be focusing on as the target customer base. In order to do that, browse digital marketing agencies in Dubai and see which one is best at building you a reputation among local listing sites. Once you are listed locally, your site will be more visible to customers and search engine algorithms as well.

Guest Blogging

Building a blog from scratch can be as difficult as building a business. While it’s important for your site to have its own blog, it’s also important to make your posts visible to your target audience. The best method to ensure this is to post articles on blogs that are already very popular. Owners of such sites either charge for guest bloggers to post, or come to a mutually beneficial agreement for both parties. Focus your blogging efforts on popular sites, and try to generate interesting and high-quality posts to get your articles trending.


Customers are highly visually oriented. They love watching videos much more than reading blog posts. Therefore, try to push your products through videos posted on popular sites such as YouTube. Instead of a video advertisement, think outside the box to promote your products and to get customers to visit your site. For example, instead of doing an ad for a product like a camera, post a how to use video guide on YouTube with a link to your site. Also, to attract attention to your company, you can participate in viral video trends like the Harlem Shake.

Design App

If the internet was the forefront of advertising in the early 2000s, then mobile is the marketing frontline in 2010s. Mobile users are rapidly surpassing web users, and smartphone shoppers are well ahead of shoppers on desktops. Therefore, you can certainly boost sales by making your website available to mobile customers with a killer app.

Try one or two of the tactics mentioned above, and see which works best for your company. If one works better than another, commit resources to the proven strategy.

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