Apple’s iWatch to Run iOS

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5 March 2013
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Speculators and investors over the past few years are betting on an Apple’s iWatch. We are coming across several write-ups on Apple’s iWatch, more frequently since the beginning of 2013.

Apple iWatchNew York Times recently reported that Apple was working on a transparent wristwatch made out of curved glass. There is some truth to these claims as recently patents for “Wearable Accessory Device” came out in the open proving that Apple indeed is working on wearable devices.

Bloomberg too recently reported that over 100 product designers are working on this product. According to Bloomberg Apple is looking to pack this device with a lot of features like making/receiving calls, caller id and mapping function. The watch might also have censors to monitor health related issues.

This might be very profitable, because there is an existing market for fitness related health accessories like heart rate monitor watches, distance monitor for walking, jogging and running and so on. Nike and few others are already catering to this market, but building these features along in an Apple wrist device will make it much more desirable.

Nilay Patel of Verge gives more details about iWatch. Patel says that iWatch will run on iOS and not the touch-OS (used for ipod mini). So the smart watch will have bluetooth and connectivity built in to the OS.

Apple is using iOS for every new device that they launch like Apple TV and so on. So a modified version of iOS will be used to power the iWatch.

The challenge with iOS (especially iOS 6) is the low battery life. However for a watch the battery life should be relatively longer, so Apple will be aiming at having a battery life of more than 4-5 days between charging.

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