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Create any kind of apps for your business and publish them in the app market. We also help you to optimize and popularize your apps through innovate app SEO.

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We create e-store as a standalone app for mobile platform or as a part of your mobile app.  This is an ideal option for companies looking at a complete solution for their Multi-Org Inventory Application. We support all the commonly used business practices and make them run on a mobile platform.

An eStore based on mobile platform can drastically increase the operating efficiency and profitability of supply chain, distribution and marketing. eStore apps can bring your organization together as a team no matter where in the world they are located. This minimizes the need to use other systems to operate your business reducing data redundancy. The app can be distributed amoung all the team members thereby streamlining the information and processes flow from department to department.

An e-Store app will have three different modules

Module I – The Back End

  • User Management
  • User Profile management
  • Inventory Display
  • Item Management
  • Shipping Information Management
  • Returns Management

Module II – The Front End

  • Shopping Cart Management
  • Customer Billing Management.
  • Payment Processors
  • Reporting

Module III – CRM

  • Integration of CRM and ERP
  • Loyalty Programs
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