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Create any kind of apps for your business and publish them in the app market. We also help you to optimize and popularize your apps through innovate app SEO.

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Online Reservation System for Mobile Phones

You can create a standalone app or have it as an add-on for your application. We can get the app integrated in your database or get it to work using the phones’ web browser for quicker access to the reservation system. We make all our apps responsive and adaptive, so they look just right for devices of every resolution. Restaurants can also handle their menu and table reservations through apps of this kind.

Possible Features

  • Complete integration with your database.
  • Integration with payment processors.
  • Integration of loyalty program, premium memberships and priority services.
  • Menu manager for restaurants with dynamic price updates (can handle rss datafeeds)
  • Automated e-mail messages when a reservation is made.
  • Reservations are written to the existing database.
  • Integration of Google maps and location services.
  • Available as an add-on to your existing mobile app
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